Collection: Curtiss Custom Knives

All of us here at G&G Tactical and Outdoors are excited to take on the Curtiss Custom Knives brand! Here’s a little information on Curtiss Custom Knives:

Curtiss Custom Knives is a veteran owned small business. When David decided to create this business, he had one standard in mind. To make the best knives and give the best customer service possible. The knives will always get better. With that being said, here is the warranty on Curtiss Custom Knives:  "Unconditional Lifetime Warranty within reason.  When I say within reason, it just means to use common sense. Your knife is not a screwdriver, pry bar or an axe. Don’t use it in that manner. Use it for what a knife is designed for, cutting. Now I don’t care if you are the original owner or the 10th owner. I warranty the knife, not the person. If you need a repair or just want your knife sharpened, please email me.  Its that simple."


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